High Hopes Head Injury Program
Sunday, September 23, 2018

About Us


The High Hopes Story

The High Hopes Head Injury Program was started in 1975, as a result of tough hard work and need of several families. This one-of-a-kind non-profit charitable organization was dedicated to the rehabilitation and retraining of their loved ones who had been devastated by traumatic head injuries.

Conservatively, one million six hundred thousand head injuries are estimated to occur annually in the United States. There are about 22,400 traumatic brain injuries in California alone each year. On average, seven million dollars will be spent over lifetime for the rehabilitation and care of each survivor. Automobile, motorcycle, stroke, and sports related accidents cause the majority of head injuries. Although head injuries range from mild to severe, more than 50,000 victims each year are left with severe physical and cognitive impairments. For any individual and family faced with the prospect of significant life-changing disabilities and lengthy rehabilitation, the task often feels overwhelming to say the least.

High Hopes Head Injury Program has been and will continue to be a bastion of hope for those facing difficult financial problems as it is the lowest costing program of it's kind in the nation. In addition, High Hopes offers scholarship assistance for many of our students otherwise unable to afford a program. As the cost of providing the program is not covered by student tuition income, High Hopes is only able to offer such assistance through fund-raising by direct donations and events like the annual Eric Marienthal and Friends benefit Concert.

The program at High Hopes is unique in a variety of ways. Our physical programs include conditioning classes, therapeutic swimming at a local pool, nautilus weight training at a local gym, and physical therapy. Rehabilitation activities for cognitive and social challenges. Students manage a "Lunch Express" business that makes lunch twice weekly for students and staff. Other services include vocational art classes, pre-vocational training, music classes, community activities, independent living classes, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

High Hopes has been the answer and the hope for hundreds of families faced with the difficult task of getting help for their loved ones whose lives and dreams have been devastated by an unexpected traumatic head injury.

High Hopes provides a unique and successful Day treatment program. At High Hopes, skills thought lost forever are regained. High Hopes' goal is to provide the best and lowest cost program to as many who need help as possible.