High Hopes Head Injury Program
Tuesday, August 14, 2018


High Hopes is a full day service Treatment program licensed by the State of California.

Program and Services:
High Hopes is a full service non-profit charitable organization providing a unique comprehensive program which includes the following Services.
Cognitive Rehabilitation:

Provides learning environment to retrain all levels of cognitive skills. Each Student is taught compensatory strategies adapted to their ability which enables them to meet cognitive and social challenges.

Cognitive Computer:

Further enhances cognitive retraining utilizing adaptive computer equipment and programs to facilitate learning.

Physical Programs:

A unique array of physical Programs:  Conditioning Class, Nautilus weight Training, Therapeutic Swimming and Physical Therapy.

High Hopes services also include:

Cognitive Re-training
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Physical programs
Art Classes
Pre-Vocational Training
Music Classes
Re-Socialization program
Cognitive Re-Training Computer assisted instruction
Case Management


Our annual Eric Marienthal & Friends concert.  Held at the Hyatt Newporter every summer

We have an extensive computer Program, for helping the Head Injured

We teach in Groups

We encourage team effort

We also teach individually


We teach in classrooms



Professional Instructors provide programs and services, and Therapists who are experts in the ability to

help head injured adults regain abilities thought lost forever due to their accidents.  The average High

Hopes staff member has at least twelve years experience in working with Traumatic Head Injured Adults.

High Hopes is a one of a kind Nationally recognized program for Head Injured Adults and their families.